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Global Solar Power Trends – Asia (part 2)

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Over the last decade, Asia has been steadily claiming a central place in the field of renewable energy, and today many countries such as Japan, India and China have become major players that are actively pursuing the development and proliferation of renewable energy sources such as solar power. The rapidly developing economies of China and India coupled with populations in the billions, many of whom survive without such basic things as electricity, have become fertile ground for the solar industry, becoming both prime consumers and supplies of solar technologies. The active financial and policy commitments that many Asian governments have made to solar power will have a long lasting effect on the industry as a whole. Last year, we have already begun to see these affects in Europe and USA with Chinese manufacturers flooding the global markets with cheap solar panels, causing the prices to drop, making solar more affordable for average consumers and leaving many European and US manufacturers unable to compete and bankrupt. Asia’s role in the future of solar cannot be underestimated and the future of the industry will in great part depend on its development in Asia’s growing economies.


Image of Floating solar PV farm in Japan

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Levchik (Leo) is a renewable energy activist from Boston, MA, and has been involved with alternative energy and green construction since 2004.

In 2009, Leo and his green roofing company ( sponsored Boston’s Solar Decathlon Team, providing materials and installation labor to install a cool white roof on the top of Curio home (Joint effort by Tufts University and Boston Architecture College) – more info about the project here.

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Written by Levchik B

June 27th, 2012 at 4:30 pm