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Top 3 Game Changing Innovations in Solar Technology: 2012 Edition

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While currently the US solar industry may be experiencing some tumultuous times as a result of decreasing government support, lowered demand, and intense competition from Asian solar manufacturers, one thing is clear – the industry still has a shot at surviving and flourishing because solar technological innovations keep rolling in. According to Lux Research, new solar technologies that are being developed today will replace what is currently in use within 3-6 years. Innovations in materials and cell design will provide more efficient and less expensive alternative to the solar panels sold on the market today. Not only will these innovations be beneficial to consumers by bringing costs down to less than a $ 1 per watt, they will enable solar companies and manufacturers to improve their profit margins, which is the key to staying in business and growing. Ultimately, for the industry to mature, it needs to reduce their capital and materials costs and increase profits, and there are a number of innovations that have the market potential to make this shift happen.

These inventions are highly likely to propel the industry forward because they offer efficiency improvements and cost reductions of already existing systems and do not require major shifts in infrastructure that is currently in place. Check out our list of top 5 technological innovations that will be game changers for the solar industry.

1. Direct Solidification

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June 11th, 2012 at 8:07 pm